Thursday, 24 January 2013

When customer services goes GOOD!

Now let me start by saying I am in no way affiliated to the company I am going to mention here and they have not paid or asked me to write this post, however we spend so much time moaning about everything that is wrong with customer service, I thought it would be nice to share a story of good customer service.

On Monday night I was sat at home shopping for swim caps. I know, how dull right, but Mr M has started taking the children swimming once a week (in addition to the two times they already do with school) and because I need their kits to be ready for school I thought it would be a good idea to buy them a separate kit that will be ready for him just to grab and go (anything other than this would be far too complicated...) so I set about purchasing the various bits and bobs and top of my list were swim caps. 

I ventured over to my usual swimwear supplier, Simply Swim and set about finding two similar hats (can't have squabbling children) but quickly got frustrated as the items I wanted to order were out of stock. Being the impertinent and gobby thing that I am I sent out the following tweet.

Now this being gone 8pm at night, I hadn't really expected a response, so when a very kind and helpful reply came through it was rather surprising! (And felt a bit embarrassed at being so gung-ho with the "send Tweet" button).

I explained my issues and I was promised that they would get someone to check tomorrow and get back to me.  As they were trying to help me I thought I'd do the decent thing and give them a chance, as it's only fair isn't it?  When someone is making an effort to assist you, you need to be reasonable.

I'll be honest, I wasn't really expecting them to get back in touch the next day - many companies before them have promised similar - but lo and behold they did!

Their stocks had been checked and whilst they didn't have any of the ones I originally wanted they had provided an alternative suggestion and they were just the ticket.  They even sent me a picture via Twitter so I could see the swim caps for myself.

They were perfect and just what I was looking for - they even said I could have free delivery for my troubles. I asked Simply Swim how much they were, I mean they could have been selling me the most expensive one in the shop for all I knew and after a short interlude...

Yes! They only went and sent them to me for free. They even arrived the very next day. 

Okay, so they're not incredibly high value items or anything but I was pretty amazed at this good customer service and I think it really highlights the value of Twitter and the importance of companies being aware of how to use it effectively.   I mean, if Simply Swim hadn't responded that night then I would probably have just bought my items from somewhere other supplier. The same goes for if they hadn't have taken the time to search and suggest for alternatives for me and when they had technical problems and couldn't answer my question? They took action to ensure I was a happy customer.

And that my friends, is why Simply Swim will get all my custom from now on!  Mrs M was left feeling a very valued and happy customer indeed!

Have you received any sterling customer service recently?


  1. Wow! Fantastic!! Great customer service!!

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  3. Thanks the post :D Really happy that we managed to satisfy your request. We're all human at the end of the day, so thank you for understanding and giving us such great praise. Customer care are all smiles :)

    Michael - Simply Swim

  4. That's great! I'm always so pleased to see the internet being used for such great customer service. It's not quite the same thing but I was having problems with my student loans and although their phone helpline was useless, their Facebook customer service was fantastic. I don't swim as I can't find any swimwear which would satisfy my (fairly strict) personal dress code, but if I did I'd buy from Simply Swim after such a great recommendation!

  5. Thats fantastic! A bit of good customer service goes a long way doesn't it? x

  6. Fantastic customer service! Never used them, or had any need to, but now think I'll go take a look at their site :)

  7. oooh, what great service - and yes, you are right to share it - we'll all very quick to share a grumble and a complaint, but not always so much with the praise. I always make a point if i've had good service in a shop/ cafe/restaurant or whatever, of mentioning it to the management - I think that it's important to give out praise as much as criticism. And well done to that person/company.


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