Tuesday, 23 July 2013

20 things I won't be cooking anytime soon...

Recently I've been perusing some of my older cookbooks and I'll be honest with you, bar the odd baking recipe (which are generally quite good in old cookbooks if a little scant on ingredients and method) it's fair to say the majority of the recipes in the books will go untested due to the general yackness of them. Man, I've never been so pleased that times have moved on somewhat, we've more money and it's now no longer necessary of fashionable to eat unmentionable parts of farmyard animals.

For a bit of fun I decided to list 20 recipes I won't be trying. Like ever.

1. Brawn
2. Jellied Chicken
3. Mock Goose
4. Lamb's Brains
5. Pigs Feet in Batter
6. Fried Eggs with Clotted Cream
7. Mousse of Tuna Fish
8. Potted Head
9. Sheep's Heart in Pastry
10. Lamb's Fry
11. Mother's Meat Jelly
12. Cauliflower Mousse
13. Headcheese
14. Bound Trotters
15. Pork Cheese
16. Stewed Lambs Tails
17. Brain With Anchovy and Egg
18. Brain Sausages
19. Jellied Pigeons
20. Eel Pie

Tried any of these? I'm particularly averse to anything in jelly or mousse form. Unless it's strawberry flavoured, I don't want to know.

Ah the good old days, huh.


  1. plasticrosaries23 July 2013 10:22

    I LOVE reading old recipe books - not to cook from but just cause they are so amusing - the things people used to consider nourishing and enjoyable! I love it :) Pork Cheese is my favourite here!

  2. Kim Carberry23 July 2013 15:42

    Eww! Nope don't think I'll be trying any of them anytime soon....Sounds like things which are fed to people on a Bushtucker trial on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here...lol

  3. Caroline Muspratt23 July 2013 17:52

    What on earth is headcheese?!

  4. Brawn is good stuff! The rest I'd leave, just the names are a turn-off!


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