Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I've been meaning to share this for a while - this sandwich is one of my most favourite creations recently.  I say "creation" because it's not really a recipe - unless you make your own BBQ sauce, and on this occasion I didn't but I have included a link to a good BBQ sauce recipe at the bottom of this page, just in case you prefer to make your own.

This is what I call one of my "treat meals". Friday night food. It's normally always American-inspired as I tend to sway towards that type of food and quite often I do a pulled pork variation, but pulled chicken? That sounded so good too.

It was lip-smackingly good. So very tasty. Mr M agreed wholeheartedly and I can see this being a regular request.

I was all set to make my own honey BBQ sauce (which you can do by making a sauce from scratch or by simply adding honey to a ready-made BBQ sauce) until I happened across a Newman's Own Sticky BBQ Honey sauce. Paul Newman has a range of sauces, who knew. As I was tight on time, I thought this was definitely the way to go. Be rude not to use a shortcut that was staring me right in the face.

The recipe makes four sandwiches which should be enough for four people but, well, this is me you're talking about and it fed two of us. 

Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich


4 large hamburger buns
2 large chicken breasts
175ml BBQ sauce (either ready prepared or home-made)
2 tbsp honey 
Pineapple rings (fresh or tinned)
Cheese, sliced or grated


First cook your chicken breasts. Some people boil them in water, or cook them in a pan with a little oil however I prefer to gently roast them in the oven, wrapping them loosely in tin foil so they stay soft rather than crispy around the edges, removing the foil for the last five minutes. This takes about 20-25 mins at 180c/gas mark 4.

When cooked, shred the chicken with a fork. If you have a KitchenAid mixer you could do this using your paddle attachment, it takes a couple of minutes and is easy than doing it with a fork but does mean more washing up!

In a saucepan heat the BBQ sauce and the honey and whisk the two together.  Add the shredded chicken to the saucepan and mix to make sure the chicken is well covered.

Now assemble your sandwiches. Take your bun and place a ring of pineapple on the base before loading up with the yummy shredded BBQ chicken and finally topping with cheese. 

I served the burgers with French Fries and some delicious creamy coleslaw.  

I used mature Cheddar but if I could have gotten hold of it I would have bought Monterey Jack. I like the cheese a bit meltier than the picture shows but I was in a rush to take a photo as I was hungry!

If you want to make your own honey BBQ sauce, this is a good recipe.



  1. DaisiesandPieUK25 June 2013 11:30

    Oh yum - it's like Nando's at home :)

  2. WOW! This looks seriously delicious!! Would love to try this fab recipe!



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