Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring cleaning & the shoe blues...

As we move into warmer Spring-like weather (okay, I'm using the power of positive thinking here!) I can feel myself gearing up for some serious spring cleaning action. There's nothing quite like a good de-clutter and reorganisation to cleanse the soul and blow away the cobwebs of winter is there? I like to think I've made good progress this week on this front by Ebaying lots of items that are now surplus to requirements.

I do love to have a good reshuffle, after all they say a change is as good as a rest, and reorganising my things always makes me feel a little bit better.  Storage has always been and always will be a big issue for us, especially as we don't have much loft space and due to being a dormer bungalow, our eaves are quite low and so full-height wardrobes are out of the question. When it comes to bedroom storage, we've had to get creative. Fortunately Mr M is pretty handy with a power-tool and has been able to create dinky, made-to-measure built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms but our lack of storage options pose an ongoing problem, hence I am always on the look out for ways to keep things tidy and organised. 

3 tier shoe rack from John Lewis

One of the biggest storage issues in my house is shoes - we have them everywhere. There's a rack (which is falling to pieces) in the utility room, we have a bench in the hallway with a storage seat full to the brim of shoes - in addition to this there will undoubtedly be several pairs languishing by the front door and then there is the cupboard in my room which is like a shoe jumble-sale. Oh and not to mention the several pairs that hang around in the children's bedrooms.  What I really need in my life is some decent decent shoe storage and the ability to keep them in all one place would be even better! I'm thinking a big walk-in shoe closet like in the Sex and the City movie would be pretty much perfect but that's pretty unlikely so in the absence of my my Mr Big sweeping me off my feet with a pair of LouBous, I've got to think a bit more practically.

Cath Kidston hanging shoe tidy, from John Lewis
I am a fan of a nice shoe rack and I like the idea of styling them up a bit, perhaps painting them to match the room they are in. The only downside is, we'd need like ten of them. Is it possible we have too many shoes?! I'm sure there's a few pairs of Mr M's size 12's that could disappear....

Tell me, please, what do you do with your shoes? Where do you keep them? Are they taking over your house like they are mine? Don't even get me started on wellies!

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