Friday, 1 March 2013

Shop Love: Love From Rosie

I was recently contacted by Leanne who is one half of the team that runs an online shop Love From Rosie. Leanne had noticed, via my blog, my love for Greengate products and as Love From Rosie stocks a large range of Greengate products she wanted to know if I'd like to review a product for them.  The answer to that is of course! I love reviewing nice things and also like to be able to help and support small independent businesses where I can.

Love From Rosie is a vintage-inspired online boutique which is ran in South Wales by Leanne and Debra who are good friends with a shared passion for all things pretty and vintage-styled.  Along with Greengate, the collection of goods they offer for sale on their website includes up-cycled and handmade products as well as traditional style items that they have sourced from across the UK.

Leanne asked if I wanted to select something or they could surprise me. I let them choose as I love to receive a surprise in the post, makes it all the more exciting. Plus, after looking around their website, it was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to be disappointed by anything on there!

In fairness. I was quite excited by the packaging it arrived in alone - I love the pretty bag and wrapping.  You want to know what was in it now, don't you?  Leanne sent me the Greengate Amy White Cup (£7.95), a Greengate White Agnes Tea Towel (£5.95) and the Greengate Amy Tin Flour Shaker (£8.95).  All three were beautifully made and gorgeous as you would expect from Greengate!

I think I am going to be a big fan of Love From Rosie. I had a bit of a furtle around the rest of their website and have already earmarked a few things that might be finding their way into my home shortly. Some of my favourites are the Greengate Sugar Shaker, the gorgeous Zinc Lantern and I love this Gisela Graham Botanical Messenger bag.

If you're looking for a nice gift for someone (or maybe even just a cheeky treat for yourself!) you should definitely check out the Love From Rosie website. You can also keep up with all their news by checking out their blog.

With thanks to Love From Rosie for sending me these lovely products.


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  2. Really pleased you liked the products xx


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