Monday, 10 December 2012

Meal Planning Monday (10th December 2012)

Morning Meal Planners!

How are we all doing? I've still not managed to get my Christmas meal plan together yet - I've just been so busy and this week shows no sign of let-up! Hopefully I'll get something sorted this week. As for meal planning this week? Well it's a going to be a bit sporadic due to going out lots, no time for grocery shopping and no time for cooking due to children's commitments with school this week.  I'm also trying to be good this week as I don't want to ruin all my diet hard work but I've eaten so badly the past week. Was going to have a fasting day but managed to start it off with poached eggs and toast which wasn't the best start, although could have been worse!

For the rest of the week it's going to be pot luck and a bit of wingin' it! I think we'll play freezer roulette tonight, I'm going out for a 3 course dinner tomorrow and I'll probably pick something up during the day for Wednesday. Thursday the children are having a tea party with friends which means leftovers for me and Friday I am eating out with friends at a party night! Not much meal planning required for us!

The Linky for this week is below as always so do join in and add your #mealplanningmonday blog posts. If you're new to #mealplanningmonday and are not sure what's going on, just ask, but it's pretty simple - write a blog post and tell us what you're eating this week, leave the link below. If you don't have a blog, just leave a comment.

Look forward to reading your posts, I'm hoping there's going to be lots of Christmas fun in there and if you've planned Christmas menus, please share them with me for inspiration! Anyone doing anything interesting with ham this year?

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