Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Saying goodbye to a blogger & a friend

Blogging is a funny thing, you become part of a community, a community that contains many people you will never meet. Yet you feel like you know these people somehow and they become people you would consider a friend, albeit a virtual one.

Sidney from the blog My Mother In Law Is Still Sitting Between is was one of those people.  Yesterday Sidney died. 

I first got to know Sidney a couple of years ago, first through her blog and then via Twitter where she has often popped up and sent me DMs of support when I've needed it. I was never destined to actually meet Sidney as she lived in California, a long way from here and although I didn't know her as well as I would have liked, I considered her a friend.

Sidney was someone I will miss greatly as will many people. She was a fantastic advocate for helping the children of hoarders and she knew more about this subject than most.  She was a great help and support to people struggling and her death comes at a time when she was just moving on with her own life.

So long Sidney, from the other Mrs M.


  1. I am sorry - as you say, this blogging community is very precious and it is so easy to develop a sense of closeness to people that we will never meet.

    My thoughts are with Sid, her family and all her virtual friends.



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