Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Feeling fruity?

I started on a diet this week. Yes. Again. But this time I am serious. I'm the heaviest I have even been (excluding pregnancy) and something has got to change. I'm working on it. 

My food choices led me to think about fruit and how much (or little) of it I eat. I saw this image on another website and it made me laugh.

Image Credit: www.xkcd.com
It's not wrong is it? How difficult a food to eat often informs my choices. Although I disagree that a tomato is untasty, I had a very tasty one last night. (and a tomato, fnar).

The truth is I'm just not a fruit lover at all. I feel guilty for saying that as I feel I'm meant to like fruit. I wouldn't say I hate it but I don't enjoy eating it at all. None of it. Not unless it's baked in a cake or a pie. I can even take or leave a chocolate-dipped strawberry. How wrong is that? If I was pushed at favourite fruit, I'd have to say peaches and apricots - but that's the flavour, I can't deal with the icky sticky mess of them. (Interestingly apricots don't feature on that chart, but I would put them in the top right-hand tasty/easy combo).

I'd much rather have a big plate of broccoli or cabbage, or munch on a raw carrot or pepper than a piece of fruit. See, I'm not unhealthy, I'm just more of a veggie lover. Is it imperative to our health that we eat fruit? I don't know, perhaps someone else can tell me.  About the only fruit I can get any pleasure from (suits you sir) is a satsuma. 

Annoyingly, my daughter is of the same ilk as me, and she'd rather not eat fruit (other than watermelon) but at age 6 I don't give her a choice in the matter. She has to eat the fruit I give her. I feel like a mean mummy doing this though as I know how it feels when you don't actually really like it. My son on the other hand would eat fruit until the cows come home. I give the children unrestricted access to the fruit bowl (so what if they can't eat all their dinner because they're full of bananas and oranges) and he'll often be found sitting on the sofa watching Jakes & The Neverland Pirates, apple in hand. A banana is irresistible to him.

Was just wondering if there were any other fruit-dodgers out there? Sometimes I feel alone in a fruit-filled world!  Any tips for making fruit more enjoyable? (Other than putting it in the oven with a crumble topping...).


  1. I hate fruit too! Definitely prefer vegetables, it drives my fruit loving husband mad because apparently it doesn't make sense. Better all veg than nothing though, right?

  2. I'm also not a mad fruit fan, partly because the sugar can make me ill. I tend to view it as a dessert item and I don't usually eat dessert either - and if I do, I want something special. Vegetables feature every day though, for lunch and dinner at least.

  3. I don'tbother buying oranges anymore as they sit inthe fridge for weeks and then go off. I love fruit but I just can't be bothered to peel an orange.

  4. Can't remember the last piece of fruit I ate, am not fussed in the slightest unless it's stupidly expensive cherries; peaches, apricots and nectarines are ok, as are peeled grapes - but would much rather have savoury stuff like you. The rest of my family eats a ton of fruit daily though...

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