Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Show me, show me...The Slipper Edition #1

I haven't joined in with any linkies for a while, apart from my own of course but I thought this new linky from Mummy Alarm sounded fun.  This week it's slippers.

Now, my house is freezing in the winter which means I need slippers. Actually, it would be more correct to say my house is freezing all year round. I have a tiled kitchen floor and I can't bear to be in bare feet or socks so slippers are a must. 

As I wear them so much, you can imagine I get through a fair few pairs. Fortunately I have a mother-in-law to hand that keeps me in slippers. That's right, I never buy slippers for myself. She buys me them EVERY birthday and Christmas and at other times through the year.

I have to admit, they're not always to my liking - she buys some crazy designs at times, and they're not exactly my dream slipper (can you have a dream slipper?) but a) they're free and b) I don't like to offend so I always wear them and they are most gratefully received.

Here are my current slippers...

Lively aren't they?

They rather warm and comfy and have backs on so my feet aren't constantly falling out of them. They'll last me probably until Christmas and then it will be time for a change.

Do you wear slippers in the house? If you fancy sharing, head over to Mummy Alarm and link up.


  1. What golly slippers. I tend to wear mine until they fall off my feet, then gst upset about having to buy new ones.

    Herding Cats

  2. Love them, they're very cheery :) Thanks for linking up, hope to have you back on board next Tuesday x


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