Friday, 14 September 2012

Pinterest – more than just pretty pictures

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the last 6 or 7 months, you’ve probably heard of (or are more likely on) Pinterest. For those of us who are unfamiliar, it’s the latest social media platform to take off, and it’s based all around the ‘pins’ on your various ‘pinboards’.

You create a virtual pinboard on a certain theme – let’s say, kids’ craft – and pin images to your board. If you have followers, your pins will appear in their feed. If they like your pin, they may repin it to one of their boards.

So how is it different from Facebook or Twitter? The beauty of Pinterest is that it allows pictures to hook you in and they also form a URL link. So, back to our pinboard of kids’ craft – an image of the beautiful finished product can form a link back to your blog which shows the steps in creating the piece. The pictures do the talking. Like Twitter, it has a constant stream and you can follow anyone. Like Facebook, it’s more visual, however it is less about the connections you’ve made in real life than a platform like Facebook is.

So now, let’s say you have a business. You can create multiple pinboards and pins as a way of getting your content out virally (Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined). It’s perfect for mumpreneurs and mummy bloggers – 68.2% of Pinterest users are women, many of whom have plenty of disposable income (28.1% of Pinterest users have an annual income of $100,000+).

Tips for creating pinnable content
  • Portrait images are the most popular to repin
  • Optimise your descriptions with appropriate keywords and #hashtags
  • Don’t just pin your own content – pin images you love so you’re not simply a marketing mouthpiece, but also worthwhile to follow for your fans
  • As with all social media, interact with other users

And finally, don’t forget to have fun!

Vivienne Egan is a writer for Yellow Moon, who stock a great range of crafts for kids.

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