Monday, 17 September 2012

Lighting up our home

I've always been useless with home lighting. In the past few years we have renovated our entire house which has meant new lighting required in every single room. I can never decide on what I want which means I always end up buying something that will make-do until I find THE solution.

One of the other things I am rubbish about, is lighting for effect, even though a well-placed lamp can completely changes the way I feel about a room. We bought some gorgeous touch base lamps for our bedside last year and I love how cosy they make the room feel at night when I am all snuggled up and reading and I love how the tall lamps in our living room give off enough light so that we can turn off the glare of the big ceiling lights. Lamps are not just functional to me, they have to be pretty as well.

When Dunelm Mill contacted me asking if I'd like to choose some products to review, I immediately thought of lamps as I had two areas that were lacking in this department. Dunelm Mill has a pretty impressive range of lighting, both in store and on their website, and the best thing is it is superb value too.

I chose two products, the Draycott Mercury Table Lamp (priced at £24.99) and the Ceramic Urn Table Lamp (priced at £14.99).

When they arrived as I rather impressed with them. The Draycott lamp has a lovely speckled glass base and looks and feels like it should be far more expensive that it was. It's also a really good size at 40cm high - I was expecting it to be smaller so was pleased.  The ceramic urn lamp was also slightly bigger than I expected at 24cm and casts out a beautiful glow thorough it's intricate patten. They both definitely tick my pretty box!

I decided to put the Draycott lamp in our spare bedroom. It's a bit of a mess at the moment and really needs tidying up and thought this would start the process off, so I popped it next to Mr M's ancient Stieff bear and a clock that doesn't tell the time at present.

The ceramic urn lamp looked just perfect for our console table in the hallway and I was right! Our entrance hall is a bit dark at times and a little extra light was very welcome. It was the perfect size to sit on the end of the table. (Yes, those are fairy lights behind it and yes, I do use them all year round - see I can be imaginative with lighting!).

I'm very pleased with our new lamps and shall definitely be looking at Dunelm Mill in the future for my lighting needs!

Do you forget about lighting when you're redecorating/accessorizing your rooms? 

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