Sunday, 30 September 2012

Children’s Halloween Party

Throwing a party at Halloween is great fun for all ages and if you really get in to the spooky spirit you can throw a really good Halloween party for your and your neighbourhood’s kids. A lot of parents would prefer their children not to be out on the streets knocking on strangers doors in the dark anyway so you would be performing a community favour! Just make sure there are the same amount of treats on offer and you will have the children on board fairly quickly too.

Remember, throwing a Halloween party for children should be considered under the same framework as say, a birthday party, just with a spooky slant on it, so just follow these simple children’s party rules and you should be able to pull off the perfect ghostly gathering:

Invitations At a children’s party its always best to send out invitations, this way you know the parents of the children are aware of the party and gives them the opportunity to diarise it. Make the invitations a little spooky either by buying them from a party shop or by making them by hand, this can be a great activity for children to get involved with. Always include an R.S.V.P request though, if you send out your invites in good time you should have a good grasp of numbers about a week prior to the festivities.

Food – Once you do have that number in your head you can start thinking about how much food you need to bring in. There are always some good filler foods like crisps and assorted pizzas that go down a treat but if you really want to impress, why not bake some skeleton ginger bread men or eye ball soup?

Costumes – As the host you should be leading the waywith the Halloween costumes and if there are a large number of you in the family, you can even choose a group costume. Making costumes by hand can be fun and rewarding but if you are already stretched with the party planning there is nothing wrong with ordering a professional costume online. You can order a really impressive costume from Fancy DressBall and have it delivered to your door, giving you the chance to make sure all the other elements of the party run smoothly.

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