Sunday, 30 September 2012

An autumn walk

Yesterday we went on a lovely walk across the fields next to our house and enjoyed the sunshine and everything the countryside has to offer.  Isn't autumn special?

From tiny acorns...

The first of the berries on the holly bushes

We can't go under it, we can't go over it...

Now that's what I call giant haystacks!

Some clambering over stiles

and rickety bridges over rivers, looking for fish

Not quite ready...

A spot of foraging

and Mrs M very nearly disappeared down the rabbit-hole.

Everywhere wall full of colour and fruits and the countryside felt so alive! The children enjoyed their nature walk adventure and as it leads straight to a country pub, I think we may do it a little bit more often!


  1. beautiful place for relaxing..

  2. What beautiful countryside you have. I love autumn, we are surrounded by woodland so the walks at this time of year are lovely. Sadly all the blackberries are gone now though after a couple of weeks of awful weather.

  3. Love it. Looks like a gorgeous day.


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