Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Save water? What a joke!

Today I am going to have a rant directed at Severn Trent Water. Forgive me please. 

For literally months, 3-4 maybe more, there's been a water leak on our road. It's not pouring out but it's a considerable trickle which is constant and because the Council are rubbish at maintaining the verges, the water doesn't drain away, it runs all the way down the road meaning the road is constantly a wet, muddy mess.  

The start of the leak...
The leak isn't on or particularly near to my property but I have reported it on THREE occasions now to Severn Trent Water and yet still it flows...

Wet road - perfectly dry day, about 500m from leak
Do we not have a responsibility in this country to save water? Does Severn Trent Water not have a responsibility to actually follow up leakage reports and act on them? I mean, it was only six months ago we were talking about a drought and having hosepipe bans. 

Severn Trent Water, on their own website, are preaching about ways in which we can all save water.  How about they practice what they preach?

It's all very well me turning of the tap whilst brushing my teeth, sure I'll save a litre of water or two, but what's the point in ME striving to help save water and help the environment if literally hundreds (probably thousands) of gallons have been running into the ditch for the past few months.

Blocked drains don't help...
The biggest joke? Severn Trent Water drive down my road daily to some premises they have. How have they not noticed?

I'm about at the end of my tether with it now and reaching out to Severn Trent Water one last time. PLEASE can you do something about this?!

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  1. This is very disappointing. How would people follow your water bureau if they don’t administrate properly? Imagine how many gallons of water were wasted in 3-4 months, maybe even more. I hope they were able to read this shoutout and that this isn’t an ongoing problem. Just keep up with your own ways of saving water. ;] -->Lorenza Coon


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