Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Guest Post: Hens & Greeting Cards!

Today I am featuring another guest post from the lovely Marcie who I became acquainted with via Twitter (she's @MarcieEdwards1 if you want to follow her!). Marcie, who shares my love of stationery, is going to tell us about a few of my favourite things - chooks and cards!

Hens and greeting cards. Yes there is a connection!  Wait for it…!  I’ve been a hen keeper since 2009 and absolutely love the joy of caring for them and getting to know their characters and collecting their gorgeous fresh eggs.  I am also a Phoenix Trader selling lovely greetings cards and stationery which I also love as I have a bit of a stationery fetish.  A walk round Staples or Paperchase or the like is pure pleasure!  I would have happily been the class pencil-sharpener any day. 

There is nothing like that magic moment when a hen lays their first egg and recently our latest addition Snowy the Snowflake laid her first egg.  We knew it was hers as it is brilliant white and diddy like she is still.  Our first trio of hens laid their first egg in May 2009.  My husband tried to trick me and popped a Cadburys crème egg inside the eglu but when I checked the hen house before work, there was our first real egg too.  I think the chocolate egg prompted one of the hens to get on with it and get laying!  And we’ve enjoyed home-laid eggs ever since.

Phoenix Trading try to reflect all sorts of interests in their greetings card range so that definitely includes hen designs!  This is my favourite hen card – Hen Huts by Helen Smith.  

It’s full of wonderful details including a fox eating a boiled egg under a sunshade, and mother hen frying an egg for her chicks.

That’s what I like about Phoenix, you get a feel for the different artists and styles.  There’s a new artist called Louise Rawlings whose art is very now, vibrant and full of animals.  I found her by accident on Facebook: Louise Rawlings Art.  And discovered even more delightful paintings including a selection of hen art, so guess what’s going on my Christmas list!

So have a browse on my website: and tell me your favourite card design! And if you want to know about keeping hens, feel free to ask, I’m no expert but I do know a few things after three years!

Thanks for sharing Marcie! I am a big fan of Phoenix Trading cards, I keep a big supply in at home for the endless birthday parties I go to. The quality of the cards for the price is outstanding and there are some truly beautiful designs. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I buy cards I really like and keep them for myself. How sad is that? I never send them because they're too pretty!!

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