Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The big Camp Bestival checklist

Only 11 days until Camp Bestival and I'm currently at the manic-list-writing part of my schedule.

Wellies? CHECK.
RainMacs? CHECK.
A years supply of glowsticks? CHECK.

I've been trying hard to think of everything that a family of festival-virgins might require for such a weekend and have made a list of everything from baby wipes to fake moustaches, boxes of wine to buckets for peeing in, flowery headbands to catering packs of hot chocolate and yet I still feel totally unprepared. Throw into the mix the fact that we'll all be sleeping in our campervan for the first time EVER. I think I need to relax a bit, or perhaps drink more wine!

I am looking forward to our weekend at Camp Bestival though, honest. It's just the apprehension of not quite knowing what to expect. The children however are more than excited at the mere thought of Mr Tumble, the Gruffalo, Shrek and everything else that is going on. I'm still swayed by the festival food. You know, I'm usually sated with a hot dog on such occasions so just reading about the foods that will be available leave me drooling. For this reason I'm not planning on taking too much food with us, and therefore don't need to stress about how to keep it cool. See? My love of eating out relieves a big stress for me. It's win-win.  I have of course stocked up on cereal bars, Pringles, peanuts, breadsticks, cake, biscuits, cake, teabags and more cake. The essentials in life.

Are you going to Camp Bestival? If you haven't bought tickets yet, there are still some available and I hear the weather is going to pick up too, so we could be in for some sunshine. (Naturally since I will have filled the campervan with wet weather gear it will be tropical...). Visit www.campbestival.net for more information about how t buy tickets and hopefully we will see you there. (I'll be the one cowering with a vat of wine).


  1. Bananas for hangovers

    Blankets for cosy evenings

    Wagon (not just to fall off of)


  2. Enjoy it, rather you than me, though.

  3. I think you hit a note with the 'drink more wine' comment! I've always wondered whether Camp Bestival is entirely aimed at kids and families though. Was it your first time?
    I was thinking of taking my little girl there, but I'm not sure I can hack Bob the Builder and The Tweenies live show for five days. There must be some sort of outlet for the grown-ups?

    1. I've done a full review of the event at the end of July/beginning of August but yes, I'd say it is aimed at families. There were people there without children but honestly, I thought they were mad! I don't know why you would choose to go to such a family-orientated event if you're not taking children. I'd rather go to the sister festival, Bestival which is more for the grown-ups!

      There is some adult entertainment on the main stage - it's not all Mr Tumble. They had music on during the day and night, there were also talks and comedy shows at other parts of the festival but then my children found that boring so couldn't sit still!


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