Saturday, 21 July 2012

Tan Rosie Caribbean Supper Club Recipe Book

I was recently sent a copy of the Tan Rosie Supper Club Recipe Book. I'd never heard of Tan Rosie before so did a little bit of research and found out that Tan Rosie Foods was started in 2012 by Monica and Lee who are mother in daughter. They create food inspired by family recipes from Grenada and Carriacou and serve it up at their supper club in Birmingham. It's so local to me, I am actually considering giving it a try!

I've never really cooked much Caribbean food, despite having a few books, and I've probably eaten even less, my only experience being a holiday to Barbados many moons ago and all I remember of that was fried flying fish, macaroni pie and rum cake! However I do find Caribbean food very appealing - fruity and spicy being a great combination.

Some of the standout recipes for me, that I'd like to try include Chicken Roti, Balchi di Pisca (Salt Cod Balls), Tan Rosie's Ginger Cake, Bolo Boracho (Tipsy Rum Cake) and of course, I might have a go at the macaroni pie. I'm wondering if it will taste just like I remember from Barbados, and I'm thinking it would be rude not to make some rum punch to wash it down so will add that to the list of things to make!

The recipes in the book are clearly laid out and simple to follow. One of the stumbling blocks could be that it may be hard to find some of the lesser known ingredients. I wouldn't know where to find "goat fish" or "callaloo" but most of the recipes are made up of readily available ingredients.

As Caribbean cookbooks go, I think this is a great one. The food featured in the book is authentic, traditional and I think it's clear that Monica and Lee are both proud of their heritage and enthusiastic about the food they cook. 

The Tan Rosie Caribbean Supper Club Recipe Book is available from Amazon, where you can buy it in both paperback and Kindle version.

PS If I ever make it to the Supper Club, I will of course report back!


  1. Sounds interesting. I wonder if the Rum cake is the same as Tipsy tart popular in South Africa? I love tipsy tart so I'd probably love the rum cake too.

  2. We were in Grenada earlier this year. Beautiful area and such warm, friendly people! Thoroughly enjoyed our visit there. I'll have to check the book out.


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