Monday, 30 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday (30th July 2012)

Hello all. I am coming to you from the past. Yes, I wrote this last week. As you read this I am probably making my way home from Camp Bestival. Hopefully. Or I might be home already, who knows.  All I know for sure is that if I hadn't scheduled this post last week, it wouldn't have happened!

As last week, I haven't got a plan. I have two nights at home this week before I jet off on my hols so the diet will probably be in the liquid and alcoholic form this week! Children are sleeping at my parents one night this week so there may be a cheeky meal out before the holiday.

The Linky is below. I am hoping in my absence that it works properly! Leave me your meal planning posts so I can see what you've got planned this week. 

Lets hope the sunny weather continues!


  1. Hope you had fab time at Camp Bestival :-)

  2. We went to Camp Bestival too! What beautiful weather we had :) x

  3. Hope you enjoyed yourselves!



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