Tuesday, 3 July 2012

And the winner of the Lollibop family pass giveaway is....

...was comment number two from Eloise, who's daughter sounds like someone I would get on with very well, both having a shared love of Horrible Histories.

Congratulations Eloise! I'll be in touch later today with all the details.

Thanks to Lollibop for providing the prize for the giveaway.


  1. Aw congratulations! but got all excited though and thought we had won. My comment was about horrible histories and I'm an Eloise...So all I saw was the name and horrible histories. What are the chances!! Ohhh well .. Must read things properly before getting excited :( great prize. Enjoy xxx

    1. Are you not the Eloise who has won? I'm confused! Only one Eloise entered the competition....

    2. I'm confused too now. I thought I had won when I saw your post, but the comment you posted wasn't mine. Although I did comment about horrible histories. I would be happy if I have won, but honesty being best policy (although my kids will kill me lol) it wasn't my comment you posted. Just my name. So something's got confused along the way. X

    3. I think it's me that has got confused and I've put up the wrong images. (It was a long day at work yesterday!). My winner was definitely an Eloise - I sent an email, did you get it? Need more wine.

    4. Haha, quick get the lady more wine!!!! I haven't had an email yet. I shall send you an email with the original email enclosed (so you know it's me :D)
      So.... I really did win?
      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh very good day :D .....
      Will wait for my email before I start doing backflips ... (in my mind of course)
      Thank you so much!

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