Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hit Factory Live - I wanna go!

Everyone knows I have incredibly bad taste in music so it's no surprise that I am desperate to go to Hit Factory Live at Hyde Park next month.  Sinitta. Kylie & Jason. Pepsi & Shirlie. Bananarama. Brother Beyond. What more do you need? Oh okay, Steps, Rick Astley, Hazel Dean, Sybil? 

I've been umming and aahing, I mean £54 a ticket is a lot of money and generally any event I have been to at Hyde Park in the past few years has been rather wet and less than pleasurable (even if the beautiful Brandon Flowers was in attendance), but Kylie and Jason are actually going to sing Especially For You together. I would probably pay £54 just to see that alone. This is the stuff of my childhood dreams.

The husband has given me the go ahead to buy tickets but I'm now umming and aahing again because I've just discovered it's on a Wednesday. A Wednesday? Really? I'm not sure if I can make it work or not especially as I've checked the calendar have an important school meeting the same night. Tsk. What's wrong with doing it on a Saturday night like normal people?

In the meantime, whilst I umm and aah some more, let me leave you with these little beauties. I will admit to attempting to dress up like Pepsi and Shirlie when I was little. Ahem.

Were you a SAW fan back in the day? If so, what was your fav?


  1. Oh wow, this would be right up my street! I was the biggest Kylie and Jason fan - I quite literally had the T shirt. And I knew all the words to all the songs on Bananarama's Greatest Hits album - I think I wore out the tape in the end :-))


    1. I had that Bananarama album too, think it was the first one I owned. On cassette of course.

  2. I think that there's something wrong about wrinkly old Jason singing Especially for You!

  3. Ah in my heart I am still 13 and he is 18...I couldn't shatter that teenage dream lol.

    You should definitely go, it will be a right giggle!


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