Monday, 11 June 2012

Bedding for Children

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When deciding on what kind of bedding you want for your child, you’re actually making quite an important decision! Not only must the bedding be comfortable and warm for the child, but it also has to be secure. We have to remember that when children are in bed at night, this is the only time of the day when they are alone and in the dark; these two things combined can therefore be quite scary!

Combating night frights

Due to the fact that children often become frightened during the night, accidents can happen! Due to this, there are various types of mattress protectors on the market that help protect the child’s bed and mattress throughout the accident. What you have to remember however, that accidents during the night are very common for children – even those right up to the age of eleven!  Just remember not to get angry and be supportive of them through what is quite often an embarrassing episode.

Of course, besides protection from night time accidents, sometimes it is our children that need protection from mother nature itself. That’s why some of the bedding range from cater for children who suffer from allergies by providing hypoallergenic bedding! Not only is much of hypoallergenic bedding (from mattress covers to duvets) anti-bacterial, but they also provide vital protection from dust mites; making the bedding both cleaner and healthier for any child who suffers from everyday common household allergies.

Children who need extra comfort

Despite general consensus, arthritis can happen at any age during a person’s life and at the time of writing, there are currently 12,000 children in the United Kingdom living with the disease. Besides this there are also countless children living with physical disabilities who need just a little bit of extra love and care during bed time.

For those children, there are memory foam mattresses and pillows that help aid them during sleep time. Of course, though memory foam products are not an official remedy for treating arthritis, they offer an excellent form of comfort at a time when children need it the most.

Designed by NASA way back in the sixties, memory foam was originally designed to help astronauts experience G Force lift offs. As pressure is inhibited on the high-density substance, it distributes the weight evenly throughout its surface; making it great for bodily joints. Another great feature of the foam is that once that the weight is lifted, the pillow or mattress returns to its original shape so it is ready to be used again and again.

Although memory foam mattresses and pillows took a long time to take influence upon the bedding market, they soon became a household name during the early 90s’ after a Swedish company put great resources into getting the idea, and product, into the world.

Since then, not only has memory foam been used in the houses of families everywhere, but nursing homes and hospitals have long taken advantage of the technology, helping aide those that are bedbound and ill.

What about actual sleeping?

Many people, especially children, have problems sleeping every night, with up to one third of the United Kingdom having suffered from insomnia during at least one stage of their lives. Happily, bedding can have a great influence on this situation. It has been known that those who use memory foam mattresses, on a general basis, reduce their tossing and turning by up to sixty percent. As the body is more relaxed during sleep, this also means that it is more refreshed the next day as the quality of sleep improves with the addition of the bedding.


  1. our 9yr old keeps visiting my husband anytime between 2-4am, wish this bedding would make him stay in bed, he always says it is because he woke up and couldn't sleep. We never growl as something is going on and we know it will work out soon

    1. Hope you get to the bottom of it, sleep problems are the worst. I'm fortunate enough that my children are good sleepers - but I know that could all change at any moment.

  2. Do you know what, I bought a memory foam mattress topper when I was pregnant and I totally cannot sleep without one now. What a diva!

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