Sunday, 13 May 2012

Random thoughts from Mrs M...

It's Sunday, and I'm whacked. I've also got a really busy week coming up. I mean, nothing too taxing but some serious socialising going on which whilst rather pleasant, doesn't sit well with my liking of being somewhat of a hermit. (I also want to finish reading the Fifty Shades trilogy...but more on that another time).

In the interests of light entertainment I was perusing You Tube and came across a video of Pans People. You remember them right? This video made me want to be part of Pans People so I felt duty bound to share it here with you.

I could also go for one of those dresses (which are quite clearly underwear).

And there was Legs & Co

Sadly, I am too young to remember either Pans People or Legs & Co and I feel rather short-changed. We never had any of this in 1989.

Do you remember Pans People? If you don't want to admit to being that old, just leave an anonymous comment. I also realise that these videos are probably completely against the rules of feminism so I expect a public backlash at any moment.

In other news, whilst watching a Pans People video I caught sight of a lady in a mask.

Holy mackerel!

What is it? And more importantly, where do I get one from? (Other than 1973).


  1. Cool vids!

    I'm not much of a "nights out" girl!
    I'd rather stay at home and enjoy a good book!


  2. I don't remember Pans People but I do remember Legs & Co - I used to get really bored when they were on! In fact my aunt used to make costumes for Legs & Co and said it was a real frustration if they made the outfits then then song went down in the charts because that meant it would no longer be on the show!

    Legs & Co were succeeded by a trio of 2 male and 1 female dancers called Zoo in the early 80s but thankfully the popularity of video made them redundant pretty quick as their routines seemed a bit pervy!!


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