Saturday, 19 May 2012

Listography - Top 5 things I love about kids

I haven't taken part in Kate Takes 5's Listography for a while but I'm sitting here on a miserable Saturday afternoon with no motivation to do anything other than blog.

This week Kate is asking us to list our top five things that we love about kids. Holy hell. FIVE things? That's a tough one...(these are mainly specific to my children by the way).

1. They don't feel the cold

I don't know if it's just my children but they are never cold. They're happy to play outside on even the coldest, wettest and windiest day. I think they are mad but clearly they are having a great time and the fact that it's ZERO degrees out there doesn't matter a jot.

2. They have no sense of fashion

And they just don't care! I love how my daughter can wear a floral dress, spotty tights and a stripy cardigan and think that she looks great - and if she doesn't? Who gives a stuff! 

3. They don't bear a grudge

Ever. I could give them the biggest telling off that the world has ever witnessed and they'd still come back for a cuddle moments later.  They move on very quickly and never hold anything against me.

4. It's easy to make them laugh

My children are so easy to bring round from a grump - be it tiredness, stroppiness or something that's upset them. A tickle under the chin, a funny rhyme, a terrible joke - they find everything funny.

5. You can make them excited about anything

Even doing the washing up. Or sorting the laundry. The most boring of chores can be turned into a game, adventure or competition and they have so much enthusiasm for the mundane.

If you want to join in with this Listography, check out Kate's blog and the other submissions.


  1. Great list and so, so true : )

  2. Great list, and love number 5 - the way you can turn any boring chore into a game is great!
    Now if only I could muster up as much enthusiasm as they have when they are playing the game of sorting the washing into piles.... :-)

  3. Oh, these are good ones! Yes one of my daughters feels no cold at all - always sleeveless when the rest of us are wearing jumpers, and you feel her and she's warm!
    And mine mix and match their favourite clothes which would look ridiculous on an adult and they still look fantastic (or probably just to me)

  4. My son never seems to feel the cold either, although he does like to be warm at night. Good job nursery's now used to that as he was always having to be stripped off in the baby room for being too hot. Now he's up a room, it's cooler there and much more his temperature.

  5. Ah these are brilliant. I especially like the easy to laugh one. I love being lead to believe that I am funnier than I actually am.


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