Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's snow joke!

I trust you've all enjoyed the snow we were treated to recently? After all the hype this week we had practically nothing but the weekend before did see enough of a snowfall to pull on our winter woolies and get the sledge out.

I'm not opposed to the snow. It's only really a pain because it causes traffic chaos and I'm not a fan of being out in it when it gets all slushy, but when it's fresh on the ground, unspoilt, I think its beautiful. That photo above isn't black and white by the way, it just happened that the world looked black and white at that point for some reason!

The snow arriving finally gave me the chance to break-in my new snow boots that I had bought in September. I said at the time that buying new boots would pretty much guarantee we'd have little or no snow this winter. It also gave me a chance to try out the Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledge I was sent to review a few months ago. The thing with reviewing snow-related items is you need snow! So this has been languishing in the garage for a few months.

The Snow Boogie is made from PVC vinyl and has two soft-grip handles. It's designed for ages 6+ and is definitely for children rather than adults.  It's a sledge that is not designed for towing, but rather for hurtling down hills and because it's PVC, it does that quite well.  My children found it fun because of it's penguin design and they also found it more comfortable on their bottoms than the hard plastic sledges.

The downside to the Snow Boogie for me is that there is no ability to tie a rope to it for towing purposes. My children still prefer to be pulled around rather than whizz down hills so this did mean we had to revert back to our old rigid sledge for going across fields.  Obviously an upside to the inflatable sledge is that it takes up little storage room as you can squeeze it back into it's small box.

The Snow Boogie is a fun addition to our snow equipment but for us, it can't replace our old sledge because of not having the ability to pull it. Aside from that, it's good fun, great on hills and extremely well-priced!

Did you manage to fit any sledging fun in over the past few weeks? If you've done a snow blogpost let me know below and I'll come check it out!


  1. Dont suppose you have an idea of how much they cost do you?? thank you xx

  2. Hi Ali, they're normally about £15 but you can currently pick them up from Firebox for £7.49. Hope this helps!


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