Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday (23rd January 2012)

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend? Mine was quiet but that's the way I like it. I was feeling quite inspired  yesterday when writing my meal plan as last week as an extremely successful week where I stuck to my meal plan completely - no frozen pizzas, no chip nights or takeaways, and I tried out a couple of new recipes which were all complete successes.

This means that this week I've got some brand new recipes again, and I'm hoping to have another successful week, however I appear to be succumbing to an illness that I am hoping won't develop but this has the potential to throw me off kilter!

This is what I have got planned;

Fettuccine Alle Cipolle
Sizzling Korean-Style Beef
Chicken Passanda
Chinese-Style Lemon Chicken
Gumbo Style Chicken 
Minced Beef Tacos

In fact, aside from the tacos, I think they are all new recipes. That could be a bit ambitious, huh!

We've been having a lot of entries on Meal Planning Monday and I am trying hard to get around each and every one so if I do miss you off, shout at me.

The Linky is below so lets see what you're eating this week. Don't forget to spread the word about Meal Planning Monday - the more the merrier.

Have a good week

love & kisses
Mrs Mx


  1. Oooh tacos! I haven't had those for years! :)

  2. You might have inspired me to add taco's to next weeks plan

  3. Excellent stuff! I'm so excited to take part in my first #mealplanningmonday

  4. Can't believe I got it together to join in! Even it is a bit of a cheat (retrospective mealplan). But I'm SO impressed with your menu! Feel like I need to get a bit more imaginative!

  5. Your whole week sounds delicious. Hope you're feeling better and don't succumb to the lurgy! x

  6. This is our first week doing Meal Plan Monday. I am hoping to find lots of inspiration.

  7. please adopt me so I can dine with you everyday!

  8. menus a bit more basic as im still mastering the microwave but blogged, tracked and tweeted everything ive consumed this week.

    Fab blog.

  9. Thanks for joining in everyone, have finally got round and read through all the blog posts!

  10. Thanks for hosting! This is my first time linking up and will be back next week! Thanks again!


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