Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What Santa brought me...

Anyone else ready to pack up the decorations now the big day has been and gone or is it just me?

I thought I'd do the annual "here's-what-I-got-for-Christmas" post. As with most years, I had no idea what I wanted so what I got was a mixed-bag of things that I asked for.  I always have to present Mr M with a list, although he does go off-list and has some creative license. For instance, if I ask for pyjamas, he can pick whatever he likes. He normally does pretty good and this year was no exception.

As with every Christmas I received an assortment of books, which means I really need to ramp up my reading as I've let it slip recently.

Random huh. Yes, I am a Disney geek and have already devoured that last book. Am presently reading Our Queen and thoroughly enjoying it.  Naturally I also received cookbooks, only two on my list this year,

Will cook tons from the Jamie book I am sure and the mini cakes was to go with this beauty;

A Wilton mini loaf pan! In addition I also received lots of cupcakes cases and some sprinkles.

As already mentioned, Mr M bought me PJs. It's a Christmas tradition. This year he chose these Cyberjammies from House of Fraser, which are lovely and soft. Only snag is House of Fraser left the security tag on, what a pain! Need to retrieve the receipt from Mr M's desk at work in the new year and get the tag removed.

Other pressies included the following;

My favourite film of the year, a gorgeous FCUK eye and lip palette, oven gloves as I am always losing mine, some marshmallows that apparently my 5 year old wouldn't leave in John Lewis and some a Whittards hot chocolate selection - yum! I also got lots of Body Shop smellies, slippers, a new make-up bag from Accessorize, my own weight in chocolate (Ferrero Rocher, Malteasers, Minstrels, Milk Tray), a set of lip glosses, some nice notepads and pens from Paperchase and lots of Amazon vouchers to spend at my leisure.

I was well and truly spoilt and very happy with my presents this year!

So tell me, what did the big guy bring you this year? If you've done a blog post, leave me the link and I'll check it out!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Aww you did well! I only got 1 book this year booo :( but I did get a sewing machine so I'm all pleased :) x

  2. Great! Can you sew already? I'd love to be able to but can't sew a stitch x

  3. Nice lot of gifts!

    The Disney book looks an interesting read!


  4. I blogged a little about Christmas here

    I also got some cookbooks (Mary Berry), and Bridesmaids on DVD (love that film) Have you had a chance to look at the Peculiar Children book? I don't know if I fancy it or not, I've been swithering over it on Amazon x

  5. I'll check out your post!

    Not looked at the book yet, I looked at reviews on Amazon before putting it on my list. It sounds weird, but I like weird!

  6. Do you recommend the Disney books? Bit of a geek here too x


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