Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Product Review: Flex by Filofax

Every now and again I get sent a product that REALLY excites me. Sometimes it's chocolate, sometimes it's a good book and occasionally it's something that changes my life!  Okay, life-changing might be a little bit over the top but the new Flex by Filofax that I was recently sent, certainly comes close!
It's no secret to my blog readers that I like to organise. We've ascertained that I am a meal planner and an avid lister. These - shall we call them afflictions? - These afflictions mean that I never go anywhere without a diary and a notebook, of which I have many. I've tried moving with the modern age and as much as I like my iPhone (sometimes), apps for organising, listing, diarising etc just don't fill me with the same sense of glee and satisfaction as putting pen to paper.  I recently had a hankering to return to the good old days of my Filofax, I loved my old Filofax, and this Flex has filled the spot!

Let me tell you a little about the Flex. I'm sure you don't need any introduction to the Filofax brand, the name speaks for itself however the Flex is the latest innovation from them. The Flex is basically a very lovely textured cover that comes in three sizes, which along with a range of inserts, you can adapt to your own liking and needs.  The cover comes with a notebook and jot pad and the range of inserts that you can add-on include ruled and plain notebooks, academic and full year diaries, year planners, contact book and jot pad.  All stationery is printed and bound in the UK and the pages are designed to lie flat.

I selected an A5 Flex as I find that this is the size that suits me generally. Obviously it can mean that it's a bit bulky to carry around and if you don't like to carry around a lot the pocket or slim would be a better choice for you however I have a big handbag so its perfect for me!  I was sent the magenta which is the perfect colour for me. On the outside it looks like this;
and on the inside it looks like this - well at least it does if you use the inserts that I have! Which is the academic diary and the ruled notebook.
Hiding under the ruled notebook I also have the jot pad. What can I say? I like to max out! It does make it a little bulkier but that doesn't bother me at all.
As you can see there is also a pen holder and some pockets lurking at the back. The next picture demonstrates how thick mine is when closed. It's still way slimmer than the A5 book I was carrying around with me before.
At the risk of sounding completely hopeless, I can't tell you the joy I get out of a new piece of stationery - especially a diary or organiser, I relish filling it in. I realise how sad that makes me sound, but I don't care!   I honestly love this product and it travels with me everywhere I go now. I can keep my lists and my diary in one place and it also looks pretty stylish too! 

The Flex comes in black, slate and magenta and is available in three sizes - pocket, slim and magenta. The Flex is available nationwide and priced £17-27. Check out the Filofax website for details of stockists.

Do you use an organiser these days or have you moved on with the digital age?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. But what about my stores of six-hole Filofax paper? It does look delicious though. I'm waiting for more colours...

  2. Be still my beating heart. I am a stationery addict

  3. oohhh. Lovely. Although recently I am addicted to the paperless app for my iphone. Also I love a good moleskine diary !

  4. Oh I love the look of this, I love Filofax.... All stationary for that matter ;) x

  5. Ohh a woman after my own heart! I love this, not saw these before. I too love being uber organised and simply cannot managed to do it on my Iphone. Putting pen to paper comes first in my book and always will.

  6. As soon as my moleskin is finished I'm getting one! Do you still use it now after all this time or do you have a different system?


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