Monday, 4 July 2011

Meal Planning Monday (4th July 2011)

**Sorry emergency blog post! Very busy weekend, I'll be back tomorrow to update, in the meantime, add your meal plan to the linky below!**

Okay, so I never really came back to this. Do you want to know how the dinners have gone this week? Haphazard is a word I woud use.

Monday was jacket potato, salad and garlic chicken, simple but lovely and satisfying. Tuesday I actually had a bag of crisps for dinner, not a good day. Wednesday I ate at the Harvester before seeing Bridesmaids at the cinema - scampi and chips and all-you-can-eat saladfest. Thursday was quite good - I did one of the challenges for the World Fusion Taste Team and I'll blog that later.

It's now Friday. Who knows what tonight holds. 

See. I don't like having a plan. It descends into chaos.

love & kisses
Mrs M x 

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