Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A very Duplo birthday (and your chance to win!)

As you will see from the badge on the sidebar (look right, a bit further, over there - you see it?) I am a Duplo Expert, allegedly. One of the perks of being such an expert is that was occassionally get sent a product to review, which I will talk about in a moment however one of the greatest things is getting one of these:

Yes, a Duplo cake! What more could you want on your fourth birthday but a big red cake shaped like a piece of Duplo. We were also sent a birthday park which consisted of a birthday card, dinner placements that can be coloured in, balloons, stickers, paper plates, paper cups, napkins and empty party bags - twenty of everything!

Duplo are also giving YOU the chance to win one of these birthday packs and fabulous cakes so you can have your very own Duplo party.  All you have to do is drop an email to duplocompetition@digital-outlook.com and let them know who you would like to win the birthday pack for (it doesn't matter when their birthday is).  The winner will be picked in early July so get emailing now!

The boys birthday also coincided with the arrival of a Duplo product for review - the Duplo Police Truck
This was received extremely well by my (now) 4 year old who couldn't wait to get it out of the box. I think he was most impressed that it included a burglar! He enjoyed whizzing it around the floor and telling the burglar off. 

I find that Duplo really encourages him to role play more, especially alongside his older sister as she is getting better at making up stories that they can act out.  I like to see how inventive they can be with all the bricks and also how different they are with them. My daughter, who is 5, will almost always build things "properly", in the way they are intended whilst my son prefers to free-range - which has meant this week that all the loose Duplo bricks have been attached to the top of the police truck.  For what purpose? I don't know, but he likes them there and that's what matters!

As all the other Duplo toys we have experienced, the truck is well-made and I can quite comfortably predict that it will be able to put up with all the abuse it is surely to receive at the hands of my children. Thinking about it, it's rather hard to break Duplo isn't it? It's pretty hard-wearing and it's not like it ever goes out of fashion either is it? Mr M's mother recently dug out all of his old Lego and it's still in great nick. (I'm not going to tell you how old that Lego is for fear of shaming Mr M in public, he wouldn't like that...)

You can buy the Duplo Police Truck direct or from other good retailers and it retails at £19.99.

Now, go enter that competition to win yourself (I mean you child) a Duplo birthday cake!
love & kisses
Mrs M x

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