Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Movie Meme...Book Adaptations

It's that time of the week again - Metal Mummy's Movie Meme and I am LOVING this weeks theme of Book Adaptations.

It's always a tricky thing isn't it? Once you've read a book it's hard for the film to live up to it isn't it?  I loved The Time Travelers Wife, I cried when I read that book and being honest I loved the film too, I wasn't disappointed but there were things missing and the ending was changed which means I almost see the two things as separate.  Both good in their own right but not quite the same.

Now, this will come as no surprise to a lot of my readers but I am a big Twilight fan. Yes, laugh and snigger all you like, I don't care. (I'm sticking my tongue out at you right now).

I read all the books from the saga in super-quick time as I wanted to finish them before New Moon was out at the cinema and needed to watch Twilight first!  I'm sure I don't need to tell you what it's about...girl meets boy, boy is a vampire yada yada yada.

The film is pretty true to the book, there are some obvious changes with characters but a lot of it is the same and the dialogue is pretty close too.   I'm massively in love with all the Twilight saga films and have watched them endlessly. I think they were really well directed and the casting and music were spot on. The people involved in these films really paid attention to what was in the book and I think it helped that Stephenie Meyer was involved closely with the films.

I actually wrote a post last year about my love for Twilight and you can check it out here.  So. This is my favourite film that has come from a book and I am immensely excited for the next installment to be out in the cinema in November.
Go check out the rest of the entries over at Metal Mummy's blog! I'm sure they are more erm, more credible than my choice!

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Mrs M x


  1. I can't say I'm a big fan of the series tbh. I read the first book and enjoyed it but that's where it all fizzled.

    I understand that it's not *just* about vampires, but I just can't get past the whole sparkly vampire thing. I like old school vampires who eat people for fun.

    Having said that, it's a good storyline and I can see why you chose the saga, because they are good films. If you can get past, or like, the twinkly-ness.

  2. You see, as you know from the last meme post - I'm not a horror girl, I'm more of a sparkly girl so this suits me down to the ground!

  3. Exactly. And, considering how successful it is, I think I may be in the minority anyway! x

  4. I am yet to see this which is a surprise as my daughter loves them and has them all - may just borrow them and see what you mean x

  5. Oh no! I can't stand Twilight, books nor films!! :( Sorry - totally not on board with you this week, but I do appreciate why you heart them. I think I'm like Hannah - I like my vamps more chompy and less moody.

    Saying that, I have read all the books (yeah, yeah. I kept hoping they'd get better). Will be interesting to see what they do with Breaking Dawn (vamp sex...?) :)

  6. I loved the books though Bell was annoying as hell :) really enjoyed the films so far and can't wait for the final installments x


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