Monday, 2 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday (2nd May 2011)

I'm seriously lacking in inspiration this week, and perhaps more pointedly, motivation. For that reason I've decided to knock out a few tried and tested recipes that I know work and taste good!  

The past few weeks things haven't always gone to plan and meals have dropped off the end because I've been feeling lazy and we've reached for a takeaway but this week I am going to be strong - no takeaways and no eating out.

Week commencing Monday 2nd May 2011

Buffalo chicken nachos
Spiced pineapple pork

Not a particularly adventurous week but yummy all the same! If I have a glut of eggs this week I may have to switch things round but I may just bake a cake or two instead.

Over to you. It's your turn - what have you got planned? Share as always using the Linky below or by leaving a comment! Look forward to reading your meal plans!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Glad I'm not the only one who has let the meal plans slip off. I'm sitting down today to go through mine for the next couple of weeks. Mine is a little more tougher as i'm veggie but my partner isn't. Even though he eats veggie meals he likes to have meat a few times a week. He WILL NOT eat Tofu! Lol x

  2. I've just seen that you do this so I've linked mine up and will do the same each week - could do with the extra motivayion lol.

    I've really let mine slip lately so I'm trying really hard to get back in to it x

  3. The buffalo chicken nachos excite me greatly.....

  4. Your plan sounds great. All these bank holidays have thrown my schedule right out and I haven't managed to blog much lately, even my meal plans, but hopefully next week I'll be back on track!

  5. I also got thrown by the bank holidays, but I'm back on track now :-)

  6. What's the spiced pineapple pork recipe? It sounds delish and I've got both pineapple and pork at the moment.


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