Monday, 16 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday (16th May 2011)

Cripes, Monday is here again? How did that happen?

I've seriously lost my mojo recently, big time. Not just with cooking either, with everything but I can feel it creeping back slowly so lets hope that today is a productive day after the slow past few days.

The emphasis this week is on things I can prepare quickly as I have something going on after school every night this week as well as working a couple of days. There's no way I will have the motivation to make an epic effort in the kitchen so quick and easy it has to be. 

For some reason everything I wanted to cook this week involved chicken so I had to rejig!  There's also my second challenge for the World Fusion Taste Team coming up this week as I didn't fancy it at the weekend and because I know that I will fail at some point this week, I've left space for an emergency chippy tea night!

Week commencing 16th May 2011

Ayam percik and pineapple rice
Red Thai chicken and potato curry
Creamy mushroom and lemon spaghetti
Poached egg and chorizo salad
Frittata (of the garbage variety again!)

Saturday night will most certainly be a takeaway due to the fact that my son is having a birthday party in the afternoon and I shall be frazzled. An Indian takeaway and a glass of red wine will most definately be on the menu!

So what about you? Any menu plans this week? As ever join in the Linky below and let me know - I'll be visiting them all to check them out!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I'm very sorry Mrs M, I haven't done my MPM this week because my dog ate it......

  2. You think I'm going to fall for that?

  3. Mmmm, very intrigued by the ayam heading for Google after I've had a nosey round everyone else's entries!


  4. No meal plan for me this week as I'm still working my way through last week's list. It's my daughter's birthday party on Saturday too so I'll be joining you with that takeaway!

  5. All sounds lovely! No plan from me I just can't plan....


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