Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A load a day keeps the chaos at bay...laundry room inspiration!

We're currently in the process of rebuilding my utility/laundry room. Up until now it was a kind of half-glazed, lean-to with a plastic roof.   It basically needed a new roof, floor, insulation, windows, doors, the internal walls had never been plastered and there was no heating so it was very very cold out there and was basically used as a dumping ground.  The floor was level with outside which meant the water came in, the pipes would freeze up in the winter and it was almost like being outside, save for a bit of a wall and a flimsy bit of glass!

Mr M wanted to do away with it all together but I insisted I needed to have a utility space so of course, I won and poor Mr M has had the job of rebuilding it. (We're ignoring the fact it's costing a small fortune to do, the windows alone are £1,500 - it's a good job he loves me!).  

Anyhow I am so looking forward to having a proper space to use. It's always housed the washing machine and tumble dryer but now it will also be storage for everything else - all the cleaning clutter, ironing board, seasonal stuff like jam making equipment and more importantly it will be clean and pretty!  This is my department and I've had a good time looking for inspiration which I thought I would share here with you.

I'm not sure we go in for laundry rooms in as big a way as people in the US. There's not a great deal of inspiration to be had here. Is a utility room a bit more of a luxury over here? I scoured inspiration sites and blogs and now have an idea of what I am looking to achieve.  Apologies if I am using a picture here that belongs to someone, I've collected these over such a long period of time I'm not sure where they are from anymore. 

What do you think?  They're all very different but I am taking ideas from each of them.  Obviously I'm not going to achieve anywhere near the quality of some of these but I'll have a good try!  

I'm now off to shop for pretty things but in the meantime please talk to me about utility rooms. Do you have one? Is it a dumping ground or is it wonderfully neat and tidy?  I look forward to hearing all about them!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I used to have one just off the kitchen. It looked like an extension of the kitchen with a sandstone floor (easy to clean, didn't show up every little spill), granite tops and plenty of cupboards for storage. The three large appliances, microwave and small appliances that I didn't use everyday lived in there, as did all the cleaning equipment, baking bits etc. Everything was behind doors so that I could pack away, close doors and and having a very tidy spot. It had a huge window and a glass door so there was always plenty of natural light.

  2. That sounds perfect, and how I plan to use mine - baking stuff, things I need but that are not every day use etc.

  3. If you find a pull out clothes aire, please do let me know as I would love one

  4. I am planning one too! When I get a new kitchen the washing machine will go in what is a huge downstairs bathroom, with a new sink, all the cleaning stuff, ironing board etc in there. DH suggested I actually do the ironing in there but since there is no natural light I was not too keen, unless he wants to install TV and DVD for me! Love your inspiration pictures. They are very much the direction I want to go in too. Have fun decorating !


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