Saturday, 9 April 2011

Product Review: Robinsons Double Concentrate

I was recently asked if I would like to review some Robinsons Double Concentrate. We drink a lot of fruit squash in our house, as do many families I imagine, and I have to admit to being a bit of a brand snob and always buying Robinsons rather than a shops own brand. This isn't purely snobbery, I've tried the cheaper alternatives and honestly, I think they taste so different.

I was sent a bottle of Apple & Blackcurrent and one of Summer Fruits. The fact that I already buy Robinsons squash on a weekly basis means that I can vouch for the flavour and quality of the product. It's a hands-down winner for me, especially the Summer Fruits - a firm favourite in this house.

The concept of "double concentrate" squashes has had me puzzled for a while, I will admit.  I've seen them in the supermarket and basically wondered why we need them as an alternative to regular squash.  Well, here's what I've discovered.  Its kinder to the environment and better value.

The compact size of the bottle means reduced packaging.  This in turn brings a large reduction in the amount of PET used, a significant reduction in the amount of packaging used per litre and a sizeable reduction in carbon dioxide during the manufacturing process. 

It's better value because even though the new 1.25 and 1.75 litre bottles are smaller than one of the regular 2 litre bottles they still both deliver more servings because you only need to use half as much squash. Now that is something I didn't think of.

Add to this the fact the new bottle is easier to carry, store and pour and you've got a great family friendly, wallet friendly and environmentally friendly product!  It's a no-brainer for me since I am already a fan of the great taste!  I'm hoping that by switching to the new double concentrate variety we will get through less bottles - the 1.75 litre particularly has lasted for a long time!

New Robinsons Double Concentrate is available in all major supermarkets and the 1.25 litre bottle retails at £2.59 and the 1.75 litre at £3.49 (working out at 5p per serving).  It's available in five "no added sugar" flavours - Orange, Orange & Pineapple, Apple & Blackcurrent, Summer Fruits and Lemon.  Orange and Apple & Blackcurrent are also available in regular.  

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  1. Why is there always more choice in the no added sugar? I hate sweeteners, bleurgh!


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