Sunday, 6 February 2011

My "Command Centre"

One of my guilty pleasures is reading homey-type blogs, you know beautiful interior decor and home organisational blogs. Oh how I aspire to be this organised and stylish at the same time!  I've  found the best ones are American (if anyone knows of any good UK ones, do let me know!) and a few of my personal favourites are "A Bowl Full of Lemons" and "House of Hepworths".

It was on ????? that I first saw the idea for a "mobile command center" (note, I am English so in my blogpost it's called a centre, tee hee!). The owner of the blog had linked to the original idea at A Bowl Full of Lemons and I was immediately struck by the need to do this.

I always have piles of paper clutter - things to do, bills to pay, forms to sign, party invites etc so it struck me as a really good idea and I immediately set upon making my command centre.  I say immediately, I had to wait for the supplies to be delivered (which included a very handy Dymo Labelmaker) but I immediately ordered them up, and here is my finished product.

Not quite as stylish as the one of A Bowl Full of Lemons but not a bad attempt, huh? I am so pleased with it and Mr M was impressed too.  It keeps me very organised and I now know where to find all those random bits of paper.  I have sections for each of the us in the household, plus incoming, outgoing, to pay, to do, to sign, groceries & meal planning, holidays, house & garden.  It honestly helps me a lot day-to-day.  I loved the idea of a calendar clipped to the front of it too, so I had to keep that in.

What do you think? Have I just admitted to taking my organisational-OCD a step too far?  I have to admit to having a huge storage and stationery obsession so this just appealed to that side of me too much to resist!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I too, really really like that idea. I have a similar organisational structure, but it's a bit fragmented and the structure is only in my head. This, however, is very like how I have organised the two tasks I carry out at my work - finance and marketing. It's important to keep the two separate, and this method does it well. I can feel a trip to Staples coming on ..

  2. Really like this idea and it is definitely something I can incorporate - as said above, I already do a watered down version. Love the blog as a whole too!

  3. LOVE this!!

    Just wish I were this organised.

  4. I think it looks fantastic!! Well done!! :)

  5. I love this idea, and it looks so neat! I could do with one of these at work so I might get to it :)

  6. I love it. It actually made me drool.....


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