Thursday, 10 February 2011

Cookies & smoothies, oh my!

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I was recently sent another lovely haul from the Byron Bay Cookie Company, only this time it wasn't cookies. Oh no! This included smoothies, crackers and butter-burst cookies.  As you know, I love food, so all samples are greatly received!

Let's start with the Sweetbird smoothies.  I'm not a massive fan of smoothies but my kids are, generally at breakfast time. We were treated to three flavours - Orange & Mango, Blackcurrent& Apple and Pineapple & Passionfruit.   The 300ml, 100% fruit bottles of smoothie are veggie and vegan approved and are free of artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and GM ingredients. They also don't need to be stored in the fridge, making them a great choice to take out and about with you.  The smoothies retail at around £1.79 bottle which I actually think is very expensive and for that reason alone I probably wouldn't buy these very often.  That doesn't detract though from the fact that this is a very nice product, immensely enjoyed by my children who especially loved the Orange & Mango flavour.

Next up was the crackers from the Byron Bay Gourmet Foods range.  I was given gluten free rosemary & sea salt, cracked pepper & chives, original crackers and gluten free original crackers.  These are also called crispbreads and are described as being "wafer-thin with unique crisp texture and subtle flavouring - perfect for entertaining or every day snacking"  The rosemary & sea salt version have recently won an award.  I was quite excited about trying these and really wanted to like them, but I didn't I'm afraid.  Something just didn't feel right for me and I'm thinking it was the texture. However I can be quite fussy like that and the fact that they have won an award means it probably stands a good chance of it being me that's the weird one!

Finally the Butterburst Cookies from the Byron Bay Cookie Company.  As with their other cookie ranges, these are not for the fainthearted, they are quite a substantial cookie, perfect with a cup of tea. They're not really cookies are we know them - I'm starting to think that cookie in Australia is a bit more generic? There were somewhere in-between a biscuit and shortbread, definitely on the crumbly side of shortbread. I was given three flavours to try Chocolate & Hazlenut, Lemon, and Passionfruit.  My favourite was the zingy lemon, whilst Mr M preferred the chocolate & hazlenut (a winning combination I think anyone will agree!) and neither of us raved about the passionfruit but it was fine.

I was also sent one of their Banoffee cookies which is and always will be my favourite of all of their cookies! Yum!

Thank you to Beyond the Bean for the samples.

love & kisses
Mrs M x

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