Friday, 6 August 2010

More Gardening/Harvesting

I realised it's been a good few weeks since I did an update on the garden situation.

Since I blogged about the potatoes, we've harvested the peas which grew really well. The little lady enjoyed shelling, and eating, the peas. She takes after Mr M who also loves to eat them raw (and frozen?!).

We're generally waiting for everything else now but it all seems to be going well. My three sweetcorn plants were great - until today and the wind has massacred the biggest one, snapped it straight in two but the other two seem okay so far. The chillis (remember them? I was little worried they wouldn't grow...) are starting to show off some wares now and I have 13 plants on the go. I tend to neglect them a bit so they are quite prone to wilting but apparently this can help to make them hotter? Time will tell.

One of the things I am most excited about is my pumpkin patch. The children planted the seeds themselves and after the last frost I planted them outside where I have more or less just left them to themselves. I now have at least 7 pumpkins growing - all various sizes - with the largest being the size of a football currently! It seems to get bigger and bigger every day; will it end up being a monster pumpkin? I could have a hell a lot of carving to do come Halloween, since that is all I am growing them for!

The picture above was taken a week ago, that pumpkin is WAY bigger now!

And finally, the ladies. I had to change their diet as they had stopped laying but since I have switched them to layers mash instead of pellets, with no other treats or scraps before 1pm they are consistently providing at least two eggs a day.

They absolutely love the mash and generally the only view I tend to have of the chickens is what you see above!

All-in-all I've been rather pleased with the garden this year and am currently feeling rather smug and green-fingered!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Wow!! That pumpkin is mahoosive!

  2. all very exciting. I love shelling peas too - so therapeutic! :-) xxx


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