Friday, 2 April 2010

Wedding Dress Woes

I always imagined I would sell my wedding dress after I had finished with it. Then I fell in love with it and figured I could never part with it. It's beautiful and it holds so many memories. I loved wearing it so much, even though it left me with scars on my back - 6 months later they are still there though fading. I've held on to some romantic idea that my daughter would love to have it one day. I'm not stupid enough to think that she'd ever wear it but your mother's wedding dress is pretty special isn't it? (Although my mum wore a blue mini skirt!). I've saved my wedding jewellery for her, I'll wear it again I'm sure but ultimately it's for her but do I save the dress for her too?

I'd like to think the dress I chose and wore was classic and elegant, a style that will stand the test of time but like I said, when it comes to her own dress one day I'm sure she'll want something different and so recently I've started wondering if I am stupid for holding onto it. I keep looking at it hanging in my bedroom thinking that maybe I should sell it and pass it on for somebody else to love but the thought of parting with it breaks my heart. It's nuts, it's just a dress.

So what to do? Help me decide, perlease! If you are married, what did you do with your dress? If you're not married what would you do with your dress? Do I get it cleaned and fixed up and put carefully in a box to dig out in 30 years time, or do I sell it on and hope I find someone else who loves it as much as me?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. I have my dress still....I don't wan to part with it, my Parents bought it for me, I see it as one of those important outfits you keep, like your christening gown, it is my memory of a lovely day......:>))

  2. oooh! Such a difficult decision! On one hand, it is hard to let it go. Such happy memories! On the other, the notion of someone else enjoying it as much as you is quite nice.

    Especially if you think it likely Bel will not wear it! I may be leaning toward selling it...perhaps whomever buys it to send you a picture so you can see them happily married as well?

    Then I think how much I love my own mothers gown. I wish I could have worn it, but it was far to small for me...I am blessed(?) with a curvy shape and a love of cupcakes! But I do love having it.

    Oh dear. I don't envy you the decision!

    - Betty x

  3. I think I'd probably hang on to it, but then I am a bit of a hoarder. I remember seeing your pics and it's such a beautiful, timeless dress. You might regret selling it, but there's nothing to regret if it's stored away carefully. I take it you've got it in one of those acid free boxes?

    Ah but what do I know, I got married in Vegas in a shell suit and baseball cap ;)

  4. oh I definately was always going to keep mine and found it about 6 months ago packed away in its box - 12 years after I had worn it :-)
    am a bit worried that the storage area its in at the moment has some little mice though and its probably been eaten so thanks for the reminder as i will have to check on it!

  5. I say keep it, although I only wore mine yesterday so perhaps it's a bit soon for me to say how I'll feel a few years down the line. At the moment the idea of parting with the dress I wore on the happiest day of my life seems impossible. xx

  6. Three years down the line my dress is still in the dress bag it was put in on my wedding night. I don't think I could part with it. In a weird vein I haven't had it cleaned as all the little marks on it are relevant to the day. The engine oil stain on the train from the classic car we hired, grass stains from all the photos we had in the lush gardens etc...

  7. My Mum had her wedding dress (a very glamorous early 1960s cocktail type number with a full skirt) altered so that she could wear it as an evening dress. Just a thought.

    I'm not married but I was forced in my mid-twenties to be bridesmaid for my sister. Eschewing all the usual peach frilly numbers I opted for separates and go a gorgeous very dark green fitted velvet jacket that I was able to wear afterwards too, it looks fab with everything from dress down jeans to smart skirts. Post two babies, I'm currently dieting so I can get into it once again - I live in hope!

  8. I've kept mine. It's covered in marks from spilled champagne but it's precious to me and a reminder of the best day of my life. Your dress is just beautiful.

  9. So the general consensus is keep it. Hmm. I guess that is what my heart says but my sensible head says GET RID!

  10. Although I never considered wearing my mum's wedding dress as it was so 1970's and not my style- there was such a special thing about getting my mums dress out of the loft every couple of years to look and, and try on even though I was only 12 and it would hang off me! I'd love to have a daughter to have those special moments with so that is why I'm keeping mine.

  11. I don't think I'd ever be able to part with it.

  12. I've kept mine (its uncleaned though) - its been 5 years, its in a cupboard but I like knowing I still have it

    My sister used some of the hair pins I wore in my hair at her wedding last year - I'm hoping perhaps my girls will too


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