Monday, 12 April 2010

Gleekery: WWEPW Countdown Fashion Challenge

Followers of my blog won't be surprised to learn that I am a *cough* small *cough* fan of Glee. Okay, I am a fully signed up Gleek, it's true and as I have said before, one of my favourite blogs of all time is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear.

One of the things I love about this blog is the Fashion Challenge and in the run-up to the second part of Season 1 airing in the US this week, there has been one hell of a fashion challenge - we were asked to put together a set inspired by Emma's outfits for EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. That's thirteen episodes people.

It was a big task and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I got very carried away and did them all in record time (I am almost ashamed to say...). Anyhow, the challenge has come to an end now and I thought I would share my favourite submissions by my fellow Gleeks!

Erin's look


Meg's look


Lucy's Look


Erin's Look

The Rhodes Not Taken

Meg's Look

Vitamin D

Amy B's Look

Meg's Look


Kate's Look


WWEPW's Look


Tigerlily's Look

I'll do a separate blog post later this week with my submissions for the challenge, but in the meantime, why not pop over to the WWEPW blog and check out all the submissions for yourself!

love & kisses

Mrs M x

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  1. I really really want those pink shoes in the first pic!!!


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