Thursday, 29 April 2010

Gleekery: Themed Episodes?

The recent amazing "The Power of Madonna" episode on Glee started me thinking about who else's back catalogue could be used for a whole episode. It's been rumoured over the past week that there might be a Britney Spears episode, that would be pretty cool actually but who else could there be?

I'm sure a popular choice would be someone like The Beatles or Elvis Presley but controversially, I am not really a big fan of either. Michael Jackson would be an obvious and good one but I feel we've had overkill recently since his death. Abba would be another obvious one but I don't think that would work now due to the whole Mamma Mia thing.

Whilst wailing along to the radio in my car (I'm not going to pretend it was singing), I hit upon a few choices. Now I don't profess to know much about music or be cool so perhaps my choices won't be what the cool kids would choose, but who cares right? This is fantasy.

First up -
Queen. That would be amazing. We've already seen Somebody to Love in "The Rhodes Not Taken" but how well would I Want to Break Free or We Are The Champions work? Crazy Little Thing Called Love would be a lot of fun but these two I think would be fabulous.

Next up, Bon Jovi. Obviously we've already seen It's My Life performed as part of a mash-up in "Vitamin-D" but they have so many great songs that would lend themselves really well to this show like Always, Blaze of Glory and You Give Love a Bad Name but my personal favourites are...

And what about the Bee Gees? They have an amazing back catalogue. Stop sniggering at the back, I love them. Saturday Night Fever is my favourite ever film and the first dance at my wedding was to More Than a Woman. How amazing would it be to see the Glee kids dancing and You Should Be Dancing or singing along to Emotion or How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? What about these corkers?

So how about you? Is there any band or artist our there that you think would be fabulous to have a whole Glee episode feature their songs? What do you think about my choices - totally naff? Do let me know!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Personally, I wouldn't want to see whole Glee episodes themed to just one artist. A genre would be more interesting. With an artist episode, it becomes more about the artist than Glee. It worked for Madonna, since she's such a substantial person, but would be weak with someone like Britney.

    I'm clearly allocating Glee far deeper thoughts than it warrants. Just don't do a Power Ballad episode and I'll be happy. Mind you, I'd watch Puck singing My Heart Will Go On if he took his shirt off.

  2. i love glee too so much, i can see i am going to love your blog x

  3. BON JOVI!!!! OMG i would love that! Although saying that, when I heard Finn singing Its My Life, I thought ohhh nooo, he is going to crucify it. But after hearing it a few times, it was brilliant!!

  4. Obviously no-one can beat Jon...


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