Monday, 8 March 2010

Oscars 2010

Yay, more awards fashions. I'm not even going to pretend to be interested in the winners.

I must have been living in a bubble somewhere as the Oscars have completely passed me by. I didn't even realise they had been on until I saw the fashions today. Doh. It's not something that normally interests me anyway, the Oscars are all too perfect. I like award ceremonies like the BRITS and the Baftas where anything can happen. (Of course I'd love to go to an Oscars aftershow party...)

Anyhow, as I have done for previous awards events here are my hits and misses but first, demonstrating what a bad photo can do for you (or maybe a good one?) -
Jennifer Lopez

When I first saw that photo I thought whoaaaaaaaa J-Lo, what happened but then I saw this one...

where she looks totally gorgeous. Tsk.


Cameron Diaz looked amazing. She might even be my favourite of the night.

Super-cute Carey Mulligan looked great.

I love Kristen Stewart's mean and moody look. She never looks happy does she? but hell, she's smiling here and her hair is a vast improvement.

Helen Mirren looks as elegant as ever.

Not sure what purpose Victoria Beckham serves at the Oscars, but still, I like the threads.

Demi Moore. I don't care if she has had a bucketload of cosmetic surgery, she looks freaking amazing and I love this dress. Colour could have been better I suspect.

Michelle Phieffer, hubba hubba.

I thought Amanda Seyfried looked lovely, even if her dress was scarily similar to that of J-Lo.

Penelope Cruz looks beautiful as ever, very elegant.


Anna Kendrick looked beautiful but the colour of the skin + dress combo kind of made her look a little like a corpse.

Hilary Swank looks cheapity cheap.

Vera Farmiga. I almost liked this dress. Almost.

Sigourney Weaver is a lady growing old gracefully and doing it well but she keeps managing to just cross the fence into frumpy. I think it's the top of this dress that I don't like.

At last! I can actually hate something Kate Winslet is wearing. Not a good choice for Kate and she normally picks so well.

I'm not sure about Rachel McAdams here. As you know, I love her but this dress doesn't do a whole lot for me so I am putting her in the misses.

Sorry Maggie Gyllenhall, I'm not a fan.

Not entirely sure what the thought behind this creation for Charlize Theron was...

Meryl Streep - sack the stylist

Nicole Richie is fab. She looks gorgeous but I'm just not keen on the dress.

It's certainly an, erm, a statement Zoe Saldana.

Not a flattering dress on Mariah Carey. Nice colour though.

Sarah Jessica Parker, you've disappointed me. So much potential.

Love the dress, don't love it on Miley Cyrus.

Bleurgh. Mylene Klass.

Many people will love this look on Sandra Bullock I'm sure. I don't. It looks a bit too statuesque.

So what do you think? Did you see anything you liked?

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS I know this is wronger than a wrong thing could ever be but this picture of Zac Efron? Well, I might just add him to my boy crushes.


  1. Think Cameron Diaz might be my favourite of the night, too, though I adored Sandra Bullock. J-Lo, despite that flattering second photo, looks *wrong*. Also, I like Vera Farmiga's strange ruffles. Don't have Sky Movies so couldn't watch live but will watch the highlights on Sky1 at 9.

  2. Gosh, so many to look at. A lot of nude colour this year. I think Sandra Bullock looked amazing. Really don't know why Posh was there!

    Can't be doing with Mariah Carey, she's too up her own arse for me. And I always like Kate Winlet's gowns, even this one.

    CJ xx

  3. Hi there, over here from BMB. Pure escapism - I love looking at all the dresses. Cameron's dress is my fave, probably followed by Penelope Cruz.

  4. I loved Demi's frock but with you on the colour so Cameron Diaz is getting my vote for the night. What did Hilary Swank come as? Jodie Marsh?! Wrong diddly wrong wrong! Last night I didn't mind so much that baby was teething go to see the whole of the read carpet and through til 4am of the show - however tonight I think I will mind!


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