Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Meme: Shoe Showy

Would you believe this is my first *proper* meme! I have been tagged by the lovely Wendy at The Life of Wendy Wife. Wendy wants to know which of my shoes makes me happy and why.

This meme is about shoes - yes, what woman doesn't love a pair of gorgeous shoes or boots? I know that whilst I hate shoe-shopping with an utter passion, I do get a little buzz when I find the perfect boots or shoes, and even more so when they are comfortable. I have quite wide feet - small, but wide and shoes like peep toes and strappy sandals are often a bit of a pain for me but sometimes needs must and I am totally the type to suffer in silence whilst my toes are practically hang-off. I really never wear flats apart from Birkenstocks in the summer as I am a bit of a shorty, well okay, a lot of a shorty and I just feel like a frump. Yes, I am that women who wears heels on the school run, heels walking through fields and yes, whilst I am very ashamed to admit it, I have been known to wear heels on the beach.

It's going to come as no surprise then that the shoes I am going to show you are heels! Here they are in all there loveliness.

Leopard print peep-toe heels. What's not to love? I never saw myself as a leopard print type gal I have to be honest but as soon as I saw these it was love. Yes, they pinch my toes. Yes, the skin feels like it is literally burning off my soles by the end of the night. Yes, I spend the following few days with plasters covering my little toes but it's the price I am willing to pay for lovely shoes.

These shoes make me happy because they perk up any boring outfit - they go lovely with a plain black dress and when I slip them on I immediately feel like a goddess. I feel taller, sexier, all round more confident. They are like magic shoes. Mr M loves them too which I was very surprised at, but he immediately gets a bit frisky when I pull out the leopard heels (good thing or bad thing? who knows).

So they are my shoes. What do you think?

In the tradition of meme's I am going to tag people who will hopefully tell us about their shoes!

Over to you...

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Look forward to hearing about shoes!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Ooooooooo ooooooo they are yummy showy shoes! And you clearly **love** them so much you endure the pain!

  2. Lovely shoes...glad to do a show n tell.....I'll let you know when I do and I'll link back to you!xxxx

  3. A fellow shorty who lives in heels of somesort but I do have my pink birkies as well :D oh the decision I have to make now !

  4. I love a bit of leopard print, lovely! I can't walk in heels anymore. Maybe it's a skill I can pick up again sometime in the future.

    Claire xx

  5. Hey ladies, thanks for the comments, look forward to seeing pretty shoes! xxx

  6. What is not to love...indeed...they are FABULOUS!

  7. and the best thing? They were £20 in the sale at Next!

  8. one thing came to mind...
    The wonderful thing about tiggers... is tiggers are wonderful things!!!
    (like winnie the pooh tigger sorta thing... I kno... it doesn;t amke any sense... move along... :) )

  9. Ohooo lovely, I shall of course share my shoe addiction :0)


  10. one of my fave pairs of shoes ( and i have quite a few!) are my platform leopard print peeptoes!!!..
    there is somthing extremely glam about them that a plain ol pair of converse doesnt match!!!..

  11. Indeed charl, I totally agree!


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