Monday, 22 February 2010

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?

I recently discovered the wonderful What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear blog. Obviously as a major lover of Glee it appealed to me instantly, especially as I am quite a fan of the lovely Emma. I love finding out where items of Emma's wardrobe are from and I also enjoy the challenges that this blog sets using Polyvore.

The idea is basically that you are given an item of clothing that Emma has worn in the show and from that point you build the rest of an outfit around this. It's good fun and a great way of wasting a few hours (like you need help doing this!). This week there is an additional challenge of making an outfit set for any member of the cast.

I had my first go at this today (and actually my first go at using Polyvore) and have come up with this. The challenge for Emma this week was the Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt.

I'm not going start a revolution with this outfit but all the same, I quite like it! and then I decided to put together a Rachel outfit. I fell in love with this tweed skirt from Joules a few weeks back but I think it would be perfect for her.

What do you think of my creations? Why not check out the WWEPW blog and have a go yourself!

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing my blog, too!!!

  2. Thank you! They were my first attempt - I really enjoyed doing it.

    Pleasure to share your blog, it's wonderful.

  3. What an amazing blog! I love it!

    Emma's wedding dress was stunning, it made me wish I had smaller boobs and would have been able to pull it off!!

  4. Don't you just love polyvore!!!

    Victoria xx

  5. Polyvore is fabulous Victoria, although I fear I might waste too much of my life on it!

    Francesca, I too loved Emma's wedding dress and had the same smaller boobs thought!

  6. I LOVE Emma Pillsbury! I want to BE her! Loving the outfits, Rachel's is fab too!

  7. She's wonderful isn't she!


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