Saturday, 6 February 2010

Diet Update: Week One

We went out for dinner last night to the Handmade Burger Company and whilst sitting their waiting for my brie and bacon burger to arrive (with a side of chips naturally) I could almost hear my waistline groaning at the thought of it, my muffin top literally spilling out from my over the top of my jeans. Enough. We need to deal with this problem so I have woken up today with a new found diet enthusiasm, and a new found hunger that obviously goes hand in hand with half starving yourself.

You do realise this is where you are all going to suffer too don't you? No more yummy blog posts about delightful and delicious cakes, no more posts about nice fattening meals...just blog posts about boring and bland meals which are heavy on the garlic in a vein attempt at making them just that little bit more edible. My blog should in fact be sponsored by broccoli as I am pretty sure that is what the main ingredient of my diet will be for the next few weeks.

My hunger strike (I am protesting against my blubber) will of course be supported by a half-hearted attempt at "keeping fit", although that's not an entirely true phase as my goal is to burn off calories and tone up rather than sustain a superior level of fitness, bearing in mind I am facing knee surgery in the next month or so, this may have to be gentle exercise. At my disposal I have my Wii Fit (now with Wii Fit Plus so I can do an actual routine), EA Active on the Wii (which very nearly killed me the first time I used it) and my Davina McCall DVD (which I have read good things about but never actually removed from the cellophane wrapper from when I bought it a year ago). I want to go in hard with Davina tonight but I may take it easy with a bit of mild hoola-hooping on the Wii Fit.

So here are the stats for the first week, Saturday mornings are weigh-in and measurement time:

Start Weight: 9st 0.5lb
Waist: 31 inches
Hips: 37 inches
Thigh: 20 inches
Upper arm: 12 inches
Number of chins: Too many to mention

Goat Weight: 7st 12lb

You do realise this means no wine?

love & kisses
Mrs M x


  1. Cripes, I've not weighed 7st 13lbs since I was 17 and was excersing over 16 hours a week doing gymnastics! Good luck x

  2. I was that weight in about April last year but I pigged out too much, I have no self control! I loved being that slim. I know it sounds hardly anything but I was still a size 8-10 with rather decent curves.


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