Monday, 29 June 2009

Cherry Oh Baby!

I just had to share this photo. I've just been for a evening stroll to pick some cherries off the trees that line our driveway before the birdies snaffle them all. Just look how luscious they are! So different from the cherries you buy on the supermarket. I had planned to make something delicious with them but I doubt I'll get that far as I am currently sitting devouring them as I type.

Sadly we don't get as many cherries as we once used to. The trees were planted my Mr M's grandma a good 20-odd years ago so I think they've seen better days to be honest but one or two trees are still giving a good yield. I am going to look at starting planting new trees next year.

Gorgeous red, homegrown cherries!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Hummingbird Bakery

Last weekend Mr M and I went off venturing into the Big Smoke whilst leaving the children in the capable hands of their dear auntie. We headed off towards Portobello Market for a bit of mooching and I was completely beside myself when I stumbled across The Hummingbird Bakery. Mr M was a little bemused but he went along with me and showed some enthusiasm - he clearly hadn't been listening to me when I was raving about the book when it arrived the other week, tsk.

Anyway I decided that as we were outside the shop and as I wouldn't be here again for a very long time that it would be immensely rude to not indulge in a cupcake. So, I joined the very long queue out of the door, in the blistering heat and waited patiently until I reached the counter in my mecca. Decisions, decisions. It was a tough call but Mr M opted for a carrot cupcake and there was no other choice for me - it had to be red velvet. (Excuse my bad photography, but it was Saturday lunchtime, in the middle of a very busy market!).

The cupcakes did not disappoint, oh no. It was the naughtiest, baddest (in the best possible way) little cupcake I have ever had the good fortune to get my lips around. The frosting, oh the frosting. It was just so smooth and gooey and the sponge was so light and fluffy. I am pleased to report that Himself was suitably impressed too. All I can say it that it's a bloody good job I don't live anywhere near Notting Hill or my waistline would be in serious trouble.

I highly recommend the bakery, and the book (even though I had a major cake FAIL this week - can't even bring myself to blog about it.). If you're in the area - don't miss it! You can see the girls frosting the cakes in the kitchen, pretty impressive. They seem to be able to frost ten in the time I could do one!

love & kisses
Mrs M x

PS I'm all a-quiver at the prospect of online ordering that is imminent, bet they don't deliver to me though, boo hiss.