Wednesday, 4 July 2007

So here is where it starts

6 weeks after giving birth to what was in fact a rather large baby for petite little me, today is D-Day. Yep DIET day. I had set myself a start date of my postnatal check which happens to be this afternoon, so from today - no more takeaways, no more picking at biscuits and chocolate all day, I need to lose the extra weight I am carrying in a vein attempt at becoming a bit more of a Yummy Mummy and less of a Slummy Mummy.

Obviously this can't all be done by diet alone and there is the little thing of exercise that is required to tone up my (very) lax tummy muscles, lose the blubber that seems to have settled itself down cosily around my hips and thighs and work on the horrors that are my bingo wings.

Once I have got somewhere with the above, I shall be transforming myself Gok-styleeeee with new hair and make-up.

It could be a long haul but Little Chunk has his Christening in September so I need to look svelte, or at least a little less like a beached whale, before then.

So I shall be doing my weigh in and measurements later today to kick start me. Am currently toying with having "the last supper" at lunchtime in the form of the Zinger burger that prompted my labour.........decisions decisions.

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