Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Long time, no see

Cripes! I haven't posted here in so long but never fret I haven't been off somewhere perfecting my domestic goddess routine, far from it in fact. I am probably as much of a slummy mummy as always, and I am afraid it is only going to get worse. I have news. Oh yes, the teeny weeny pitter patter of teeny tiny feet are expected once again in the slummy household. I can't quite believe it myself and am still in a terrible state of denial. Of course it was planned (before anyone asks) but little old me stupidly thought it would take eons to get pregnant, but alas, it took less than a month. So we are (excitedly) looking forward to May 2007 when there shall be a new kid on the block.

Of course, this opens up another whole new world.....double buggies, room decorating and the terrifying though of "HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO COPE WITH TWO BABIES"!