Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Guide to being a Stepford Wife

Whilst idly surfing the world wide interweb during the dark hours of the morning, I found a rather pleasant article full of handy advice, which I felt I really must share with you. It tells us the secrets that we need to know to enable us to keep our men happy. Enjoy.

How to Be a Good Housewife and Keep Your Man Happy

  • Try to spend some time each day making yourself look pretty. It is all too easy to stop paying attention to your appearance when you have a man, but that kind of behavior makes men look elsewhere. Wear makeup and clothes that he likes you to wear. A lot of women would do well to wear skirts more often as many men hate women wearing trousers. Good grooming is vital, so keep yourself neat and feminine by having a pretty hair-do, cut and manicured nails, and smooth legs/underarms.
  • Learn how to cook, and make sure you have a meal on the table when he gets home from work. It is often said that the way to a man's heart is his stomach, and it is true! Microwave meals are not suitable cuisine, so find a recipe book you like and start experimenting.
  • Be mindful of your man's needs. Lots of men need space when they come home from a hard day at work, so don't harass him when he arrives home. Have his favorite drink ready, and let him chill out in front of the TV, or read his newspaper. If he wants to spend time with his friends and not you, take a step back and let him do what he wants - just make sure you have refreshments ready for when he and his friends need them.
  • Listen to him. A good wife listens to what their man has to say without interrupting. If he wants your advice, he'll ask for it.
  • Improve your skills in the bedroom. There are lots of books and website which can help you improve your sexual technique and get in touch with your inner passion.
  • Let him take control of certain situations. There are times when a man will want to be in control, for example when he is driving, and doesn't need your smart comments.
  • Keep the house tidy and pleasant to be in. There is no excuse for your man to come home to a mess, so make friends with your vacuum and feather duster.
  • Be nice and respectful to his friends, but never flirt with them.


  • Show him how much you appreciate his love by treating him to a regular massage.
  • Make sure his favorite food and drinks are always available.
  • Breakfast in bed at the weekends is a great way to make your man feel good.
  • If your man buys you a gift, show how grateful you are by making use of it (even if you don't like it) so that you do not offend him.
  • If you argue, apologise as soon as possible.
  • Do not complain about his favourite TV shows - let him watch them in peace.
  • If he is stuck late, remember to tape his shows for him. Watch something else while it's recording, or leave the TV off, so you can watch together when he gets home.


  • If you don't respect your man, you may lose him.
  • Do not become overly obsessed with keeping things his way. If you do this, you will risk losing your own happiness. Try to keep the two equal. Balance his happiness with your happiness.
  • Remember, you're his wife, not his slave. Your own happiness is just as important as his. Make sure he's pulling his weight in the relationship and taking care of you and your needs as well.
Ladies, go forth and please your men!

love & kisses

Mrs M x

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  1. disgusting (unless this is a satirical swipe and misogyny... somehow I doubt it.) Women do not exist for men's needs.


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